PPWC Local 5 By-Laws

PPWC Local 5 By-Laws (Amended 1996)

NOTE: if there is any dispute or discrepancy between these by-laws and those printed by the Local union, the by-laws printed by the Local union shall prevail.


The by-laws of this chartered local shall not be inconsistent with any of the provisions of the constitution of the Public and Private Workers of Canada and shall contain the following provisions:

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Article I - Purpose

Article II - Jurisdiction

Article III - Membership

Article IV - Initiation Fees, Dues and Assessments

Article V - Local Officers and Elections (sections 1 & 2)

Article V - Local Officers and Elections (sections 3 & 4)

Article VI - Unit Committees and Elections

Article VII - Shop Stewards

Article VIII - Meetings

Article IX - Contracts

Article X - Strikes and Lockout

Article XI - Discipline

Article XII - Finances

Article XIII - Emergency Fund

Article XIV - By-Law Changes


All provisions of all chartered local union by-laws not contained herein shall be of no effect until approved in writing by the national executive board.

The national constitution shall take precedence over these by-laws.

By-laws ratified by the national union of the Public and Private Workers of Canada, 1996

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